Main purpose and philosophy of the ATTACK Ltd. company is represented by development of highest quality products with the best utility and design, achieving the highest combustion efficiency regarding to environment and by favourable price offer.

Dear customer,

the ATTACK product is manufactured by the most modern production technologies, that we own. As the largest Slovak manufacturer, exporting to 46 countries of the world, we realize that every production process projects into the product´s lifetime and naturally – into your satisfaction. Thereby we use only the best means – from special boiler tinplate and precise laser material dividing to the most important one – watertight weldments. These are performed exclusively robotically, in accurate fixtures, to eliminate errancy of human factor.

The ATTACK products are quality premium products manufactured by the modernst technology based on the newest research. All the products are certified for quality by prestigious test institutes. I am sure, that our product will make you satisfied and will serve you for many years.

Rudolf Bakala, General Director of the ATTACK, s.r.o.