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ABOUT COMPANY – Presentation of ATTACK, Ltd.

The largest Slovak producer of heat technology with purely Slovak capital and sole owner

  • 23 years tradition, satisfied customers in more than 49 countries of the world
  • The widest assortment of products
  • 44 sale points in Slovak republic
  • 709 service points in Slovak republic
  • 3 centres of development and research in Slovak republic
  • 150 employees
  • Holder of the certificate ISO 9001 for production of boilers

“Main purpose and philosophy of the ATTACK Ltd. company is represented by development of highest quality products with the best utility and design, achieving the highest combustion efficiency regarding to environment and by favourable price offer.”

Product portfolio

The product portfolio of the ATTACK, s.r.o. company is characterized by wide assortment of the ATTACK® products, classified by concrete product type, output and kind of fuel – natural gas, LPG propane, solid fuel or pellets (biomass).
Recently, there is the widest product portfolio of the ATTACK, s.r.o. company. By every product group there are many options of modifications and outputs.

Model lines of boilers for wood and pellets

  • Wood gasifying boilers ATTACK DP, ATTACK DPX, ATTACK SLX – 70 models
  • Combined boilers for solid fuels and pellets – 14 models
  • Pellet boilers, pellet burners and stoves – 26 models
  • Cast iron boilers for solid fuel and pellets – 22 models
  • Accumulation tanks – 78 models

Model lines of the gas boilers

  • Wall hung gas condensing boilers – 6 models
  • Wall hung gas atmospheric boilers– 6 models
  • Floor standing cast iron gas boilers – 92 models
  • D.H.W .tanks (directly and indirectly heated) – 4 models

Model lines of the electric boilers

  • Wall hung electric boilers – 4 models


  • Radiators– 855 models
  • Other accessories and spare parts – 32 models

ATTACK Ltd. – European producer exporting to the whole world

The Attack Ltd. is the largest heat technology manufacturer. The production began in 1995 with floor standing boilers, D.H.W. tanks, wall hung gas condensing boilers, atmospheric boilers and gas floor standing boilers.

The company belongs to medium-sized ones and it diposes with 5000m2 of built-up area and with 1000m2 of uncovered area. Recently, the ATTACK Ltd.. employes from 100 up to 150 people, according to demands of the market.

The ATTACK Ltd.. regularly takes part in domestic and international exhibitions of heat technology. The company has achieved many awards there, from honourable mentions to gold medals.


All the boilers are made from components of world´s producers and manufactured by the most modern technology. Production is controlled by camera and computer system and tested by progressive devices and methods.

Gas boilers use natural gas or LPG-propane as fuel. For users of biomass there is an offer of cast iron solid fuel boilers (wood, coal, coke) and of steel, wood gasifying (pyrolitic) boilers and pellet boilers that reach higher efficiency and save enviroment.

ATTACK Ltd. – Export activities

Export activities of the company reach 75% of sales into the all EU countries, to Ukraine, Russia, Asian countries to the East from Russia, to the USA and Canada.The wide range of products enables us to satisfy customers from different countries, preferring various kinds of fuel.

The ATTACK Ltd. has successfully developed production of steel boilers for biomass, where the most modern technology is used. The company has all conditions to become leader on European market. Personal approach to every customer, conforming negotiations and reliability grows into mutual confidence that helps us to achieve more and more of the customers in new countries.

The ATTACK Ltd. company´s production plant is situated in northern part of the central Slovakia, approximately 20km from city of Zilina.The ATTACK company makes products in three production halls, where the production is divided into gas wall hung boilers , gas floor standing boilers and solid fuel boilers from cast iron and steel. Steel boilers are pellet and wood gasifying.

Storage premises for components and complete products represent separate part of the area.

Exportne SK Attack

Quality management system

The ATTACK, s.r.o. company emphasizes product quality very much. The company has been holder of the quality management certificate ISO 9001 since 2003. This quality certificate of international directive certifies actions in research and development, production, design and operation of gas devices. Approval certificate was verified and granted by prestigious London audit association – the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Seriousness of demands posed on the company projects into necessary certificate declaration to audit committee every 6 months.

This quality management system stands for progresivity and positive approach to the ATTACK, s.r.o. company to the customer in order to prove the quality of the traditional, originally Slovak company..

The quality management system is included into the company strategy to be kept, further developed and improved.

Research and development

The ATTACK Ltd. company has its own research and development center, where every year the research and technical workers innovate and prepare new and more efficient products. Important aspects for development are – simple attendance of devices, modern design, environmental conformity, minimum dimensions and also favourable price.

The company emphasizes development of sophisticated and innovative products of high quality that are competetive on European as well as on world markets. All the ATTACK products are designed and developed in conformity with appropriate norms, specifications, juridical and other prescriptions. Suitable components are selected under the strictest criteria and for assembly of the ATTACK boilers can be used only reliable and by long-time utilization approved components and materials from prestigious suppliers.


All the ATTACK, s.r.o. products fulfilled strict criteria, they are approved and tested by national and also international test institutes that issued the CE certificates of the European Union and the GOST certificates.